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Second To None Roofing offers the finest gutter protection by Englert MicroGuard to give your home the superior look and best protection available at an affordable price. MicroGuard is the most effective gutter protection system on the market. Whether you're building a new home, adding on or upgrading your current gutter system, MicroGuard has a product that will fit your needs perfectly!

Enjoy Big Savings and Big Protection with Englert MicroGuard

When a homeowner selects an Englert MicroGuard gutter system, they virtually eliminate one of the most tedious, time-consuming and possibly dangerous tasks they could undertake - cleaning their gutters.

Englert MicroGuard gutter screen

Gutters are a key component of the home drainage system, filtering water and debris away from the roof where, left unchecked, it could damage the roofing material and the roof sections themselves. In addition, a gutter's downspout helps direct water away from the house instead of letting it pool at the foundation, possibly wearing away the lower section of the walls of the home and the ground surrounding it.

The Englert MicroGuard gutter screen system is the next step in home drainage technology, offering a system of protection that not only can reduce the amount of maintenance that a gutter system normally requires, but also can save a homeowner from having to pay for expensive gutter cleaning services or the possible repair work from a damaged gutter.

gutter with screen cover installed

The MicroGuard system features micro-filtration protection that consists of a gutter guard with thousands of tiny holes that block large debris (twigs, pine needles, etc.) from collecting in the gutter while permitting water to freely flow through. The small perforations also make it possible to simply hose off debris that does collect on the top of the filter, instead of requiring the homeowner to dig out clubs of collected debris.

In addition, the filter on the MicroGuard gutter system is raised to help keep water from being deflected back onto the roof and possibly getting under the shingles where they could damage the wood.


before and after gutter replacement

before and after gutter installation

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